Who You Are

Who You Are was a performance by Chris Goode which took place inside Mirislov Balka's installation How It Is in the Turbine Hall at Tate Modern. The piece uses spoken word and recroded sounds and can be downloaded as a podcast.

Here is a direct link to the mp3

Chris Goode will be performing in The Author at the Project Arts Centre during the Dublin Theatre Festival. His Blog can be found here.

Documentary About 8th Century Book Found in a Bog

Treasure from the Bog is an RTE documentary about the Faddan More Psalter. The book is described as:

a fragmented illuminated vellum manuscript encased in an unusual leather binding, a book of psalms dating back to the late eighth century. This unprecedented find, the first manuscript to be found in a water-logged state in a bog, posed unique and profound difficulties for the Conservation Department at the National Museum.

The image above is a screen grab from the documentary showing scraps of words recovered form the book. Larger sections of the book were also recovered including full pages and the cover which was lined with the only piece of papyrus ever discovered in Ireland.

Will Self interviews Martin Amis

I'm currently reading Will Self's first novel My Idea of Fun. It's the first thing by Self that I've read and it reminds me of Martin Amis. The dark humour and absurdly matter of fact attitude towards violence and depravity also reminds me of the David Shrigley cartoon Who I Am and What I Want which I posted a while ago in.

Here is an interesting interview of interview of Amis by Self. In the article Will Self makes a couple of references to the book he is writing at the time which is My Idea of Fun