A Blogger's Response to Bookish at the Lewis Glucksman Gallery

Today I checked the internet for coverage of recent exhibitions and found a post by a blogger named Tiffany about the exhibition Bookish: When Books Become Art. Here is an excerpt:

"A curious artist plucks love notes and illegible post-it’s from the pages of borrowed material. Tags from brand new shirts, receipts, and ticket stubs litter the library, but are hidden within the two covers of so many books. Sit down in your area library and flip through the pages, see what sort of archeological discoveries are dug up. What can one book carry to the next reader? A book is a vessel of knowledge and ideas. It carries germs and footnotes, garbage and timeless treasures. "

The full post can be found here: http://t-strutz.blogspot.com/2008/09/bookish.html