Exhibition Reminder

Solo Exhibition at the Lab 

Preview: 15 Feb 6-8pm Exhibition continues until 22nd March

"An exhibition of new sculpture and drawing by Niall de Buitléar opens on the 15th February at the Lab.

Niall de Buitléar presents a body of work produced during and shortly after his year long residency at Flax Art Studios in Belfast. The sculptures are made from found materials largely collected from the streets of Belfast and Dublin. The works tend to be built up from an accumulation of smaller parts which come together to form a more complex whole in a similar way to how an organism is made up of cells. The drawings and sculptures are directly linked. Both employ similar processes of accumulation to achieve a sense of organic growth over time. The works are begun with a general sense of form but over the course of their production tend to deviate from what was initially expected. The work is essentially abstract but the forms are consciously suggestive of various structures such as cells, fungi, landscapes, and standing figures.

This is the artist’s first solo exhibition. It was awarded to him as a part of the Launch Awards Program in 2006."