Exhibition Roundup - March and April

 I never did a post about exhibitions in March so I'm doing one now that features a selection of exhibitions which took place during March and April.

willie_doherty.jpg   Willie Doherty, The Visitor,  2008

Willie Doherty is showing a new video work at the Douglas Hyde Gallery. Also at DHG is a exhibition by Paul Mosse featuring various materials he has compiled for the publication Leaves and Papers I-VI. The project involves six artists who were "asked to write about and illustrate, as openly as possible, their personal interests and values". The exhibitions run from 18 April - 27 May.   Breaking Ground presented Art in the Life World (not sure what other world there is but there you go) in an old swimming pool in Ballymun from 28 February - 12 April 2008. It was an interesting site for an exhibition with work shown in the (empty) pool itself and in the changing rooms and showers. The show was a bit hit and miss but included some really good work. Of particular interest was Jesse Jones video of a marching band performing in the pool and Stephen Gunning's Black and white video showing the legs and shadows of marchers in a parade.

Gillian Lawlor, Untitled, Oil on Canvas, Size 70cm x 80cm

Gillian Lawlor at the Cross Gallery.

Nina Canell, Beam Hang,  house-beam, neon, cable, foam, 3000V

Nina Canell, Slight Heat of the Eyelid at Mothertankstation 27 February - 5th April 2008


Voyager, Michael Boran was at the Kevin kavanagh Gallery from 03 March 2008 - 29 March 2008


Dororthy Cross Scape @ the Hugh Lane, 07 March 2008 to 12 May 2008  An exhibition of mostly old work by Dorothy Cross which also featured two new bronze pieces. Pictured is a fox glove with fingers making up a number of the flowers as well as a group of small birds.