Fabiola - Francis Alys

I read about Francis Alys' Fabiola project quite a while ago but never posted it at the time. Here is some info:

Commissioned by Dia and installed at the Hispanic Society’s Beaux-Arts facility in Manhattan, Fabiola comprises almost three hundred portraits of the Christian Saint Fabiola, all of them copies of a lost original. The paintings will be installed in the Society’s mahogany-paneled North Building Galleries from September 20, 2007, through April 6, 2008. Alÿs’s collection will be seen within the context of the Hispanic Society’s unique collection of Iberian and Latin American art, engaging a dialogue between these historical and contemporary collections.

more info here

I have decided I'm going to try and do at least one blog post per day for all long as I can manage - today would be day 2.