First Solo Show at the Lab

Niall de Buitléar - Solo Exhibition at The Lab, Foley Street, Dublin 1  

Preview: 15 Feb 6-8pm Exhibition continues until 22nd March


An exhibition of new sculpture and drawing opens on the 15th February at the Lab. 

"Niall’s methodological approach, a forging of symbiotic relationships and resonance between the initial building blocks, the processes of manipulation and the resultant forms, appears to be shifting focus. With recent works such as White Cube (woven cable ties) and Untitled (burnt matchsticks), Niall appears to have prioritised a commitment to a primarily sculptural practice. The sculptural processes have in turn led him to a new approach to drawing involving the accumulation of simple building blocks...The shift in emphasis away from the rigidly conceptual practice, away from a strict set of rules in the earlier work to a more flexible, fluid approach, sign posts a new trajectory in his practice. What remains central is the use of found materials, which means in even the most abstract of his sculptural work there is some recognisable element. In this the work can be seen to embody a coexistence of the abstract and the figurative that enable his new articulations to remain tangibly rooted in the world of the everyday. "

- extract from an essay by Peter Richards which accompanies the exhibition.