Michael Asher Installation


Here's another post about something I've seen on the NY Times website. There's a review of an installation by Michael Asher which reminds me of an idea I had for an exhibition which I discarded. I was thinking about mapping all of the artworks previously exhibited in a gallery. I was thinking of it as a drawing project with the outlines of the works being traced on the walls and floor. I decided the idea was a bit too self referential; a case of "art about art."

 "Mr. Asher has reconstituted all the temporary walls built for the 44 exhibitions that the museum has mounted since they moved there in 1998. Not the whole walls, just their skeletons  the shimmery aluminum studs, paralleling and intersecting one another in so many crazy ways you can barely see through them."

Asher's installation suceeds in going beyond "art about art" because it is engaging on a number of levels. As well as its conceptual basis it works on an aesthetic and spatial level. For regular visitors to the museum the installation will stimulate memories of previous exhibitions, encouraging them to try and recall which wall was constructed for which exhibition and recall there own personal experiences of the exhibitions.