Preponderance of the Small Review

On the Preponderance of the Small blog they have posted a review of the show by Rosalind Abbot. Below is an excerpt:

Finally, the mood of the artworks, and the effect they have upon the viewer, will also, naturally, vary. Niall de Buitlear’s sentimental ‘Found Bookmark Project’ in the National Library will bring a smile to even the dreariest face – the forgotten bookmarks of hundreds of library users are collected and displayed (mostly via video, though some arranged on a table-top). Of all the artworks, this is perhaps the most personal, especially since handwritten notes feature prominently in the collection, evoking daydreams of who left them there...and perhaps a little paranoia that my own scribblings aren’t amongst them somewhere. Some of the artworks bear hints of wit and irony (‘Cardboard Rocks’), some carry messages (‘Nothing lasts forever’ by Laura Fitzgerald, to be found in Road Records), whilst others are simply beautiful to look at: Beth O’Halloran’s ‘Let’s go home, little bear’, in Blooming Amazing, is as pretty as the flowers which surround it.