Press for Futures 10 at RHA

There is a piece by Aidan Dunne about Futures 10 in the Weekend edition of the Irish Times. Below is a quote:

Niall de Buitléar’s accomplished sculptures and drawings present elegant, geometric, architectonic forms. They are composed of functional, usually humble materials – corrugated cardboard figures prominently at the RHA – and built up in a slow, methodical, even obsessive way. And they are algorithmic, with simple procedural rules producing big complex pieces. Their forms, materials and methodology refer us to mass production and consumption, and to the patterns underlying organic processes and industrial fabrication.

The full articles can be read here

The Show is also featured in the current issue of Irish Arts Review.

Also here is a short blogpost by Michael Farry about Lost and Found at Solstice Arts Centre which I also have work in.

Update 16 September 2010:  There was a short  review of Futures 10 by Gerry McCarthy in this weekse Sunday Times. Below is an excerpt:

"Niall de Buitléar's cardboard ziggurats and domes have a mathematical rigour and beauty. Made by repeating identical components in large numbers, they recall the early work of David Mach."

- Excerpt from