Sunday Times Review of Bookish: When Books Become Art

There was a review of Bookish: When Books Become Art by Gerry McCarthy in the Sunday Times. He was lukewarm on the show in general and I didn't agree with some of his criticisms but he was positive about my piece. Here are the paragraphs where he dicusses my work.

There is humour in Bookish, notably in a piece by Niall de Buitléar. He spent time in the Boole Library in University College Cork, meticulously trawling the volumes for found objects. The result is the Found Bookmark Project, a collection of things which people have used as bookmarks and have little in common aside from being flat.

After so much sombre reworking of meaningful cover images and miscellaneous pieces of careful conceptualism, De Buitlear's piece is a reminder of the real life of books. It points us back to readers, without whom they are just lifeless assemblies of ink and paper. It offers us an intriguing glance into the lives of these anonymous people, with their shopping lists, holy pictures and letters of complaint.

By embracing the human aspect, De Buitlear enlarges interface between books and art. The rest of the show maps the territory with careful attention to detail but the Found Bookmark Project offers us a new port of entry into it.