Theme Time Post 3 - Water

Hans Haacke, Condensation Cube, 1963

 Mary McIntyre, The Lough V


Cliona Harmey, rain video installation 3 video loops and audio track,height 2(6ft x 8ft)

Cliona has various sound and video projects relating to water on her website


Francis Alys, Something Leads to Nothing

Richard Long, White Water Line, 1990 from the Guardian website Link

Henk Hofstra's Blue Road in Drachten (Holland) stretches 1000 meters long

via wooster collective


Ceal Floyer, H2O Diptych, two monitors, two DVDs, Silent, 60 mins each Edition 4 of 5  2002

In this video diptych there is a glass of sparkling water losing its fizz and a pot of water boiling.

Jeppe Hein - Appearing Rooms - sculptural fountain

Greyworld have developed a system for writing with bubbles in water

Gary Coyle, Lovely Water

From a series of photographs taken by the artist during daily swims in the sea.