3d Model of Dubrovnik Constructed from Flickr Photos

This 3D reconstruction of Dubrovnik, Croatia was made entirely by computers from photos sourced on Flickr. It contains 4,619 images and nearly 3.5 million 3D points.

This project is referenced by Victor Burgin in his keynote presentation at Urban Encounters: The Image of Public Space a seminar at Tate Britain in October 2012. Burgin's talk is at the beginning of the podcast embedded below:

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Bird Imprints on Flickr

Here is a photo of the imprint left by a bird flying into a window. Its from a flickr group called Bird Imprints on Glass which features 122 photos.

I think its really interesting the way various flickr users around the world make observations of simple phenomena like this independently and that they are then compiled through the site. This group and the previously posted chewing gum trees group remind me of some of the work I did as a student. I'm glad I don't work like that now because I don't think i could compete with the combined resources of the Flickr community.

Chewing Gum Trees

Today I saw this photo taken in Mexico City by the artist Gabriel Kuri which shows a tree by a bus stop which is completely covered with chewing gum. I also recalled having read about a photograph by David Byrne of a tree covered in gum in Mexico City (possibly the same one).

I googled "chewing gum tree" and found this flickr group of 92 photos of various trees covered with chewing gum (including the one photographed by Kuri and possibly Byrne).