3d Model of Dubrovnik Constructed from Flickr Photos

This 3D reconstruction of Dubrovnik, Croatia was made entirely by computers from photos sourced on Flickr. It contains 4,619 images and nearly 3.5 million 3D points.

This project is referenced by Victor Burgin in his keynote presentation at Urban Encounters: The Image of Public Space a seminar at Tate Britain in October 2012. Burgin's talk is at the beginning of the podcast embedded below:

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Loitering Theatre

Loitering Theatre is a project by Nina McGowan and Caroline Campbell which "uses customised helicopters (the AR.Drone) to fly beyond the normal street view to access and film previously inaccessible and unseen views of the city". It was shown at the Science Gallery, Dublin as a part of Hack the City. Above is a clip from a longer video.

Nina and Caroline collaborate together also using the name Loitering Theatre.

Will Eisner and Francis Alys

I have, here, undertaken a series of vignettes built around nine elements which, taken together, are my portrayal of a big city...any city.

Seen from afar, major cities are an accumulation of big buildings, big population and big acreage. For me it is not 'real.' The big city as it is seen by its inhabitants is the real thing. The true picture is in the crevices on its floors and around the smaller pieces of its architecture where daily life swirls.

Will Eisner, from the introduction to New York: The Big City

Eisner's Comic New York: Life in the Big City (of which New York: The Big City is sub-section) contains many short episodic comics, often with little if any dialogue, depicting people engaged in small interactions with architectural elements of the city; fire hydrants, lamp posts, bins etc. It reminded me of Francis Alys' work using similar elements in urban public space.  Below is a page from Eisner's comic and a video by Alys.