The Future is Self-Organised at Limerick City Gallery

A print I made for Pallas Projects is included in the show The Future is Self-Organised — Artist-Run Spaces curated by Pallas Projects at Limerick City Gallery of Art. The exhibition continues until the 15th of January so if you are in Limerick call in and have a look. It's above the TV on the left.

The print (which is pictured below) is an edition of 50 and available to purchase from Pallas Projects for just €50 which will go towards funding future shows at the gallery.

More info about the exhibition can be found here.


Thesaurus Word Loops Booklet

This is a new version of a booklet first produced in 2006. The booklet has been redesigned and some changes made to the content.

Each of these word loops takes a pair of words with opposite meanings as its starting point. A thesaurus was used to find a synonym for one of these words and then to find a synonym for that synonym and so on. Each new word suggested by thesaurus involves a slight slippage of meaning. These slippages accumulate resulting in a complete inversion of the original meaning. This process is repeated using the second word from the pair until the loop has been completed.

If you would like to receive a complimentary copy please send me your address: niall(at)

Terry Winters

Linking Graphics 2, 1999, Ink, graphite, and colored pencil on paper


Double Gravity, 1984, Oil on linen

Morula III , 1983-4, Lithograph on paper

Terry Winters will be exhibiting at IMMA in summer 2009.

Tara Donovan Etching



Tara Donovan Untitled, 2005 Etching Image Size: 29 5/8 x 29 3/4 inches Paper Size: 32 x 32 inches Printed by Pace Editions Ink Published by Pace Editions, Inc.

Edition of 35This etching was created by making bubbles by blowing into a mixture of acid and liquid soap. The artist then used a plastic spoon to place the bubbles onto the metal plate.