Paper Work at PCP

I have a piece in a group show called Paper Work which opens at Pallas Contemporary Projects on Thursday 3rd December. Here is a quote from the press release:

Paper Work explores the primacy of paper as a fundamental medium, a celebration at the core of the transformative essence of artistic production, and of the possibilities inherent in the simplest medium, intrinsic as it is to the facilitation of expansive contemporary artistic concepts.

The artists in the show are:

John Beattie / Mark Beatty / Anna Boyle / Gemma Browne / Niall de Buitlear / Karl Burke / Clare Cashman / Aoife Cassidy / Fiona Chambers / Garry Coyle / Mark Cullen / Anita Delaney / Vanessa Donoso López  / Brian Fay / Alicia Frankovich / Mark Garry / David Godbold / Helen Horgan / Wendy Judge  / Atsushi Kaga / Vera Klute / Nevan Lahart / Áine Macken, / Alice Maher / Bea McMahon / Clive Murphy / Christophe Neumann / Isobel Nolan / Magnhild Opdol / Sarah O’Brien / Garrett Phelan / Ruth Proctor / Linda Quinlan / Gerard Shanahan / Sonia Shiel / Ivan Twohig / Lee Welch

The exhibition continues until 19th December.